2/26/09: Pics/Vids from Today’s Snow in Duluth, Minnesota

Issued at 1:36 PM CST, Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Between 2.5″-3.0″ of snow here in West Duluth as of 1:30 PM Today, with the bulk of that falling within the last two hours. Seen a definate decrease in snowfall intensity per doppler radar around the Duluth area as of early This Afternoon…Seems like the most intense snow bands are now forming to the south and southeast of Duluth-Superior at the moment. Winds are still in a favorable E/NE direction here in the city for possible lake enhancement to the otherwise light snowfall, so i’ll continue to monitor this possibility…But, right now it appears that the heaviest snow for the remainder of the Afternoon will run from Central and Southern Pine County Minnesota through all of Northwestern Wisconsin. Snow rates underneath this band could exceed one inch per hour, and some thundersnow is quite possible as well which could lead to hourly snowfall rates nearing two inches!

Winds have come up quite a bit here in the city as of Noon Today, gusts of 35 mph from the NE have been reported down at the Duluth Harbor. Visibilities for a time between 11 AM-12:30 PM Today were down to near zero at times as a real intense snow band passed through the city. I was out capturing this band of heavier snow, and i have pics and vids to post on a seperate blog.


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