2/26/09: This post has my pics…Not the previous one

These pics were taken by me as the most intense snow band passed thru Duluth Minnesota around Noon CST Today… Visibility was very poor, and on my way back walking in an easterly direction…All the snow was blowing right into my face, boy that was awesome, but insane, as the snow would melt…Then, re-freeze forming ice on my face-gotta love mother nature!

2 thoughts on “2/26/09: This post has my pics…Not the previous one

  1. We got the dry slot here in the northern Twin Cities until about 12:30 and have only picked up about 2.5\” and it looks like we may only get another 2-3 before everything ends, far below the 6-10 we were expecting. But it looks like most other areas are picking about what was expected and in some spots more than expected. We\’ll see what happens the rest of the way…

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