Rain/Snow showers continue at times through Wednesday evening

Snowfall Reports from April 13, 2021

Source: https://www.weather.gov/dlh/

  • 1 W Grand Rapids, MN: 3.0″
  • 7 WSW Pine River, MN: 3.0″
  • 5 NE Brainerd, MN: 3.0″
  • 4 ENE Pillager, MN: 3.0″
  • 7.3 N McGregor, MN: 2.3″
  • Cass Lake, MN: 1.6″
  • Cotton, MN: 1.0″
  • 3 E Wright, MN: 0.7″
  • Duluth Airport: 0.3″ Note: 1st measurable snowfall (0.1″ or greater accumulation in Duluth since March 27th when 1.5″ of snow fell.

It’s been a wet April and a wet spring across the Northland.

Precipitation totals for April 2021 thru the 13th.

International Falls, MN: 3.16″; normal 0.58.

Duluth, MN: 1.97″; normal 0.90″

Precipitation totals for April 2021 thru the 13th range from 544% of normal at International Falls to 218% of normal at Duluth, in other words it’s been wet!

Spring 2021 precipitation totals (March 1 to April 13)

Duluth, MN: 4.61″; normal 2.39″

International Falls, MN: 3.52″; normal 1.53″

Precipitation totals so far this spring have ranged from 230% of normal at International Falls to 192% of normal at Duluth.


Sit N Spin, that’s our weather pattern right now.

Visible satellite loop from Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

Widespread showers of snow or a mix of rain and snow across northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin today.

Radar loop from 5:15 AM Tuesday to 5:18 PM Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

You don’t see this happen too often, especially in April when you have temperatures up near 70 degrees on the southern shores of Hudson Bay Canada, while temperatures are in the middle 20s and 30s across the Dakotas and Minnesota, this was the case today!

Will continue to see some snow and rain showers pass through the Northland at times through Wednesday evening, but there should be more and more dry times compared to what we have seen the last few days, and there should also be some sunshine from time to time on Wednesday, similar to what we saw today.

18z NAM 3km model simulated radar forecast from 7 PM this evening to 7 PM Wednesday.

Snow in blue

Rain in green


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