Monday afternoon Greenwood Fire Update

4:31 PM 8/16/2021

Greenwood fire has grown to 1500 acres as of Monday afternoon, August 16, 2021.

Info. below is from the Ely Echo.

  • Greenwood fire closes Highway 1 and Highway 2
  • Greenwood fire is threatening homes and cabins near McDougal Lake off Highway 1
  • Highway 2 was closed Monday afternoon from Highway 1 to Greenwood Lake
  • Highway 1 near Isabella will be closing due to the Greenwood fire. The road will be closed on eastbound Highway 1 at New Tomahawk Road to allow traffic to go back to Babbitt or turn around.
  • Westbound Highway 1 will be closed at Wanless Road in Isabella to allow traffic to use forest highway roads or turn around.
  • The McDougal Lake area is under evacuation due to the Greenwood fire.
  • There are reports of extensive ash and smoke along Highway 1


Effective August 15, the McDougal Lake Recreation Area on the Tofte Ranger District is closed. This includes McDougal Lake Campground, McDougal Lake Boat Ramp, McDougal Lake Picnic Area and the McDougal Lake Trailhead and Trail.

Additional information can be found at this link


Smoke plume (yellow) from the Greenwood fire is showing up nicely on Goes-16 visible satellite imagery this afternoon. Also, we’re continuing to see other fires (orange) burning just north of the border in southern Ontario Canada.

Southerly winds will continue at least through Thursday which will cause the Greenwood fire to spread even farther to the north.


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