Long Range Forecast for January 2022

Looks like we may be setting up for a colder than normal January in the Northland per long range computer model forecasts, but on a positive note we see the return of after 5 PM sunsets in Duluth starting on January 25th!

Here are the last 10 model runs from the CFS model for temperatures valid for January 2022.

Blue and purple colors: Below normal temperatures
Orange and red colors: Above normal temperatures

Below normal precipitation is forecast in the Northland for January 2022.

Here are the last 10 model runs from the CFS model for precipitation valid for January 2022.

Green colors: Above normal precipitation
Yellowish colors: Below normal precipitation


A look at Climate Normals and records at Duluth, Minnesota for the month of January

Average temperature: 11.2 degrees
Warmest January on record: 23.7 degrees set in 2006
Coldest January on record: -7.2 degrees set in 1912

Normal high on the 1st: 21 degrees
Normal high on the 31st: 21 degrees

Normal low on the 1st: 5 degrees
Normal low on the 31st: 2 degrees

On average, Duluth has 14 days in January with a subzero low temperature

Normal precipitation: 0.95″
Wettest January on record: 4.70″ set in 1969
Driest January on record: 0.13″ set in 2018

Normal snowfall: 16.8″
Snowiest January on record: 46.8″ set in 1969
Least snowy January on record: 2.0″ set in 1921

On average, Duluth has 13 days in January with at least 0.1″ snowfall, and 5 days with at least 1.0″ snowfall.

Astronomical data for Duluth, Minnesota for January 2022

Sunrise on the 1st: 7:54 AM CST
Sunrise on the 31st: 7:33 AM CST

Sunset on the 1st: 4:31 PM CST
Sunset on the 31st: 5:10 PM CST


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