Cool but dry Sunday (breezy NE wind) Rainy/cool pattern Sept 9-14

A wet weather pattern on the way! Multiple rain events are expected to affect the Northland next week, the first one arrives on Monday with a few more lined up throughout the week.

By next Saturday, there is a chance for rainfall amounts to reach 2 to 4 inches in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. Source:

Here’s a look at Monday’s setup — low pressure and warm front to our south with a large temperature contrast in place (80s south of the warm front) and (50s north of the warm front) gusty northeast winds will also develop near Lake Superior on Monday.

As the low and warm front approaches from the southwest, large scale lift will increase which will result in widespread rain lifting northeast out of southern Minnesota on Monday.

Low temperature forecast for Sunday morning, September 8. Source:

High temperature forecast for Sunday, September 8


August 2019 Climate Summaries

Duluth, Minnesota

  • Average temperature: 66.1 degrees
  • Normal: 64.3 degrees
  • Departure: +1.8 degrees above normal
  • Warmest: 87 F on the 2nd
  • Lowest: 46 F on the 31st
  • 11 days with a high temp of at least 80 F; average number of 80 degree days is 7
  • Total precipitation: 2.51″
  • Normal: 3.70″
  • Departure: -1.19″ below normal
  • Heaviest daily precip total: 0.77″ on the 26th

Number of days with at least 0.01″ of precip: 12

Number of days with at least 0.10″ of precip: 7

Number of days with at least 0.50″ of precip: 1

Number of days with thunder: 7

International Falls

  • Average temperature: 62.6 degrees
  • Departure: -0.7 degrees below normal
  • Total precipitation: 4.09″
  • Departure: +1.28″ above normal
  • 7 days with thunder


  • Average temperature: 66.7 degrees
  • Departure: -0.9 degrees below normal
  • Total precipitation: 3.78″
  • Departure: +0.71″ above normal
  • 5 days with thunder


  • Average temperature: 59.8 degrees
  • Departure: -2.6 degrees below normal
  • Total precipitation: 2.34″
  • Departure: -0.80″ below normal
  • 5 days with thunder


  • Average temperature: 64.0 degrees
  • Departure: -0.8 degrees below normal
  • Total precipitation: 2.23″
  • Departure: -1.32″ below normal
  • 4 days with thunder

Temperature departure map for August 2019. Source:

Precipitation departure map for August 2019

…Weather Summary…

A mostly gray and cool early September day with highs generally in the 50s to around 60 degrees, this comes after Friday’s ‘warm’ spike which sent temps into the low to mid 70s in some parts of the Northland.

Note: High of 77 degrees at the Duluth Airport on Friday, September 6, warmest temperature since August 20 when the high reached 82 degrees.

Mostly cloudy skies should continue tonight although some clearing may begin to work south out of Ontario and Lake Superior later in the night, if this happens, then overnight temps might fall into the 30s in northern Minnesota, otherwise we’re looking at overnight temps in the 40s with north or east winds.

An area of high pressure will pass over or near Lake Superior on Sunday which will keep the area dry, but on the cool side once again with highs in the mid 50s to mid 60s. East winds at 5 to 15 mph with gusts to 20 mph near Lake Superior.

Rain chances increase from SW-NE on Monday as an area of low pressure and warm front lift northeast out of the Plains.

Monday will be the start of what looks to be a fairly wet week in the Northland with more rain chances lined up from mid to late week.

Scattered thunderstorms are also possible next week as will be north of a warm front, sometimes stationary front with elevated instability (warm/humid air) lifting up and over the aforementioned warm/stationary front.


Forecast for Duluth and Superior

.Tonight… Mostly cloudy but some decrease in clouds possible. Low 46 to 51. Wind northeast 5 to 15 mph.

.Sunday… Breezy. Mostly cloudy with some sunny breaks. High 56 to 61. Wind east 10 to 20 mph.

.Monday… Breezy. Mostly cloudy. Rain developing later in the day. High 53 to 58. Wind east 15 to 25 mph.

Normal temperatures for Sunday

  • High 68
  • Low 49
  • Sunrise Sunday 6:37 AM
  • Sunset Sunday 7:35 PM

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