Dry pattern continues across the Northland this week. A mild start to the week, cooler mid to late week

One system tracks well southwest of the Northland, another system tracks well southeast of the Northland. Split flow/dry pattern locked in for now.

Temperatures aloft are cooling off today as cold air advection works into the Northland behind a cold front which moved through earlier in the day, but temperatures near the surface (where we live) remain on the mild side today, ranging from the mid 30s to mid 40s.

Source: https://www.spc.noaa.gov/

Temperatures will remain on the mild side to start to the week, but will trend colder mid to late week, this will cause average temperatures to be close to normal in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin on this final week of February 2020, and the final week of Meteorological Winter 2019-2020.

Source: 12z European ensemble model 2.23.2020; https://weathermodels.com/

Winter storm on the way Tuesday through Thursday for parts of the Midwest and Southern/Eastern Great Lakes. This system won’t get anywhere close to the Northland as it tracks well southeast of our area during the middle of the week.

Source: 12z European ensemble model 2.23.2020; https://weathermodels.com/

Low temperature forecast for Monday morning, February 24th, 2020. Source: https://graphical.weather.gov/

High temperature forecast for Sunday, February 24th, 2020.

Temperature and Precipitation report for Duluth, Minnesota for the week of February 16th, 2020.

High Temperatures/Departure from Normal

2.16: 15F/-9 degrees below normal
2.17: 26F/+1 degree above normal
2.18: 18F/-7 degrees below normal
2.19: 8F/-17 degrees below normal
2.20: 17F/-9 degrees below normal
2.21: 36F/+10 degrees above normal
2.22: 42F/+16 degrees above normal

Low Temperatures/Departure from Normal

2.16: -4F/-10 degrees below normal
2.17: 4F/-3 degrees below normal
2.18: -3F/-10 degrees below normal
2.19: -11F/-18 degrees below normal
2.20: -15F/-23 degrees below normal
2.21: 6F/-2 degrees below normal
2.22: 14F/+5 degrees above normal

Note: Average temperature in Duluth for the week of February 16th, 2020: 10.9 degrees; -5.4 degrees below normal. Source: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/

Total Precipitation: 0.13″
Normal: 0.22″
Departure: -0.09″ below normal

State Average for Minnesota for the week of February 16th, 2020.

Temperature: 11.8 degrees
Departure: -6.2 degrees below normal

Precipitation: 0.15″
Departure: -0.03″ below normal

Average temperature, departure from mean for the week of February 16th, 2020. Source: https://mrcc.illinois.edu/

Total precipitation, departure from mean for the week of February 16th, 2020.

…Weather Summary…

Another quiet weather week in our area.

Clear to partly cloudy tonight. Lows in the upper single digits to lower 20s with a breezy northwest wind 10 to 20 mph, gusts >30 mph this evening.

Partly to mostly cloudy skies Monday and Tuesday. Highs in the 30s Monday, and mid 20s to low 30s Tuesday.

Coldest part of this week will come Wednesday through Friday when daytime highs range from the middle 10s to middle 20s. Overnight lows could drop below zero in parts of the Northland later this week.

Note: A colder air mass moving over Lake Superior combined with a northerly wind may cause some light lake effect snow Tuesday and Wednesday, but this shouldn’t amount to much, maybe an inch or two along the South Shore including the Bayfield Peninsula, Ashland and Hurley areas.


Forecast for Duluth and Superior

.Tonight… Breezy. Mostly clear. Low 17 to 22. Wind west 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph, decreasing to 10 to 20 mph.

.Monday… Partly to mostly sunny. High 34 to 38. Wind north to northeast 10 to 15 mph.

.Tuesday… Partly to mostly cloudy. Flurries possible. High 30 to 35. Wind north to northeast 10 to 20 mph.

Normal temperatures for February 24

High 27
Low 9

Sunrise Monday 6:58 AM CST
Sunset Monday 5:46 PM CST

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