Long Range Forecast for May 2021

May can be an extreme month for weather in Duluth, Minnesota. Just two years ago in May 2019 we had over 13″ of snow in Duluth (snowiest May on record) while in May 2016, Duluth recorded its earliest 90 degree temperature ever, with a high of 92 degrees on May 6th, 2016. Another 90 degree day occurred in May of 2018 on the 26th, high of 92 degrees. We can still see some snow and frost across the Northland in the month of May, but we can also see a few thunderstorms and even some severe weather in May.

Here’s a look at the Climate Normals and Records for May at Duluth, Minnesota

Normal Temperatures

May 1: High 57. Low 36.
May 31: High 67. Low 45.

Averages for May

Temperature: 51.4 degrees
Warmest: 57.7 degrees set in 2018
Coldest: 38.8 degrees set in 1907

Precipitation: 3.23″
Wettest: 7.99″ set in 1879
Driest: 0.15″ set in 1976

Snowfall: 0.4″
Snowiest: 13.3″ set in 2019

6 days in May have a high of at least 70 degrees
2 days in May have a high of at least 80 degrees

Note: Mean date for first 80 degree temperature in Duluth is May 23rd.
Note: Mean date for last 32 degree or colder temperature in Duluth is May 14th.

Astronomical Data for May

Sunrise on the 1st: 5:53 AM CDT
Sunrise on the 31st: 5:18 AM CDT

Sunset on the 1st: 8:19 PM CDT
Sunset on the 31st: 8:54 PM CDT

CFS model long range forecast valid for May 2021.

Temperatures: Near to Below normal across northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.

Precipitation: Above normal across northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.


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