Nice spring weather continues the next few days

Daytime highs on Wednesday are forecast to be in the 60s across the Northland, and similar temps are likely Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Note: A few locations in our area might even get close to 70 degrees the next few afternoons.

…Record Low Temperature tied this morning at International Falls, Minnesota…

Low temperature of 21 degrees at International Falls this morning, this ties the record low temperature for May 11th which was set just last year in 2020.

Note: Although not a record for today’s date, the low of 26 degrees at the Duluth Airport this morning, May 11th, 2021 was the coldest temperature in Duluth since April 25th, 2021 (low of 21 degrees)


Fire danger is rated high to very high across most of Minnesota today, May 11th, 2021, and similar conditions can be expected on Wednesday due to mild temperatures and low relative humidity, but winds will be fairly light which is a good thing.

Fire danger is also rated as very high to high over much of Wisconsin today, May 11th, 2021.

Duluth has only had 0.2% of its normal precipitation so far this month, while International Falls has had 20% of its normal precipitation so far this month. The Arrowhead (yellow area on map) is about the only part of the Northland that has seen some decent precipitation this month.

The forecast continues to look pretty dry in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin through Saturday, but a few isolated showers or sprinkles are possible in our area from Thursday through Saturday, but no widespread or all day rains are expected the way it looks now.

Note: Duluth is -1.08″ below normal in rainfall so far this month, while International Falls is running -0.71″ below normal so far this month.


Parts of Colorado and Wyoming saw some snow over the last 24 hours with 7″ of snow reported near Cheyenne, Wyoming. And wow look at some of those temperatures in Colorado this afternoon, only in the teens and 20s on May 11th!

Quite a few locations across the Midwest and Great Lakes broke, tied or came within a few degrees of a record low temperature over the last 24 hours (blue dots on animation below)


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