Greenwood Fire Update

5:55 PM Monday, 8/23/2021

Worse case scenario for the Greenwood fire as well as the John Elk and Whelp fires, as weather conditions today were awful, in that it was very warm, very dry and it was windy, all those ingredients have led to extreme fire weather behavior in northeastern Minnesota today, with all three fires showing rapid growth based on satellite imagery.

Here’s a Goes-16 visible satellite loop from Monday, August 23, 2021 showing several large wildfires.

1: Greenwood fire
2: John Elk & Whelp fires
3: The fires burning in the Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario Canada.

Note: The smoke plume from the Greenwood fire has made it all the way east into central Lake Superior as of late Monday afternoon.

Greenwood Fire Information as of 5 PM Monday, August 23, 2021

-New evacuation orders have been issued from the Deep Lake Road and east to Little Isabella Rd, including Mitiwan/Grouse/Kitigan Lake areas.

-The Red Cross evacuation center has been moved to the Babbitt Municipal Center at 71 South Dr.

-Greenwood fire is expected to cross state Highway 1 near Highway 2. Greenwood fire also moved NE towards McDougal Lake, requiring fire and structure protection crews to retreat.

-Intense pyrocumulus clouds were seen with the Greenwood fire today.

-Greenwood fire was at 8,862 acres as of 3:30 PM Monday, August 23, 2021

-0% contained

-385 total personnel

Fuels involved include brush (2 feet) Closed timber litter. Timber (litter and understory) Live fuel moistures are very low. Conditions are similar to late fall. Heavy fuels are extremely dry creating intense fire, difficult control and extensive mop-up.

Fire weather conditions on Tuesday don’t look as extreme compared to what we saw on Monday, with higher humidity, more clouds, cooler temperatures and a chance for some rain at times on Tuesday.

Wind direction will also shift to the east on Tuesday which should keep the fire from spreading any farther east, but those east winds could cause the Greenwood fire to shift more to the west or even farther to the northwest.

Intense heat signatures (pink colors) have been showing up with the Greenwood fire on satellite imagery today.


Other wildfire information

John Elk fire was at 727 acres and 0% contained as of 1:45 PM Monday, August 23, 2021

Whelp fire was at 46 acres and 0% contained as of 1:45 PM Monday, August 23, 2021

Gabi fire (new fire) was at 0.5 acres and 0% contained as of 4:50 PM Monday, August 23, 2021


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