Mild temperatures continue this week; Dry thru midweek; Some rain possible late in the week

A very mild late September day in the Northland with highs today mainly in the 70s with even a few locales reaching 80 this afternoon! Normal highs in our area on September 26 are generally in the lower 60s. Note: Monday will be another mild day with highs in the 70s once again, but an easterly wind will keep temps in the 60s near Lake Superior.

Widespread 80s and 90s in the Plains today, while parts of Arizona are only in the 50s and 60s this afternoon. Much of Minnesota is warmer compared to parts of Arizona today.

Upper level lows were over Arizona and near James Bay Canada today, with a upper level trough (black) covering the northeast U.S. while an upper level ridge (yellow) covered parts of central Canada and northern Rockies.


We’ve reached the final week of September 2021, let’s take a look at where our average temps are for this month (thru the 25th), and their departure from normal.

Brainerd, MN
Average temperature: 61.4 F
Departure: +1.7 degrees above normal

Ashland, WI
Average temperature: 60.1 F
Departure: +1.7 degrees above normal

Duluth, MN
Average temperature: 60.0 F
Departure: +1.7 degrees above normal

International Falls, MN
Average temperature: 57.9 F
Departure: +2.7 degrees above normal

Hibbing, MN
Average temperature: 55.4 F
Departure: +1.4 degrees above normal


Signs of late fall and winter showing up in parts of Alaska and northwest Canada today with temperatures in the teens, 20s and 30s this morning, but this cold air won’t be impacting the Northland at least through the next few weeks.

A strong upper level ridge will keep the Northland dry at least thru Wednesday, but later this week will see a cold front move into the upper Midwest while stalling out as it does so — This front could bring some rain to northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin especially for Friday and Saturday the way it looks now.


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