Greenwood Fire Update

8 PM Thursday, 8/19/2021

Wind direction forecast for the Greenwood Fire area

Friday: Southerly winds (orange)

Saturday: Winds shift to the southwest around mid-morning, then out of the west to northwest during the afternoon (purple)

Gusty winds are possible on Saturday, with wind gusts of 15 to 25 mph.

Given the forecast wind direction, the Greenwood fire could expand farther north through Friday, and then could shift farther east/southeast on Saturday as winds change directions.

The Greenwood fire was at 4,750 acres and 0% contained as of 5 PM Thursday, August 19, 2021.

Per Forest Service and Lake County officials

*90 homes/cabins have been evacuated, 40 more were given pre-evacuation notices.

*200 personnel involved, adding 120 more on Friday.

*So far no structures have been lost.

*The Red Cross shelter for evacuees at the Finland Community Center remains open.

Some rain is possible over the Greenwood fire early Saturday morning, and again Sunday night, but both systems look fairly weak in terms of how much rain they bring to northeastern Minnesota.

Greenwood fire perimeter zone is that red shaded area on the image below, with the colored arrows indicating the forecast wind directions.

Friday in orange

Saturday in purple


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